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    € 2.480,00

    Complete set to experience the cold every day where you want it.CURRENT DELIVERY SEPTEMBER 2024!!

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    • Official European Hastings stock tank dealer
    • Only brand who is leak seal tested!
    • Dealers and stock tank shops in heel Europa

    Product description

    The package has been put together so that you have everything to make the connection between tank and device. It is very simple so that you can start your cold training the same day.

    1.Tankkd stock tank of your choice
    2.Isblok device (this can provide both cold and heat)
    4.filtration pump


    BTU - cool18500
    BTU - Heat 18000
    Interfacesize mm32 
    Temp min0
    Temp max 38
    size mm730*400*580
    interfacesize inch 1 1/4
    L/Hour >4000
    wheigt35 kg 

    1. Waste disposal

    An ice bath changes the way fluids such as blood and lymph flow through your body. The cold constricts your blood vessels and opens them again when your body warms up after the ice bath. This process helps to remove waste products and lactic acid from the body while also delivering oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. A kind of ice-cold detox!

    A two-minute ice bath ensures that you produce less inflammatory proteins in your body for 6 days. In addition, thanks to Wim Hof, it has been scientifically proven that after an intensive workout, an ice bath is effective for muscle recovery. That is why many top athletes also venture into the ice-cold water after a training session.

    2. Fat burning

    Your body contains two types of fat: white fat and brown fat. White fat is unhealthy and if you are overweight you have too much of it. Brown fat is actually healthy, because it converts energy from sugars and fats into heat. Brown fat also ensures the combustion of excess white law.

    So you want to activate these brown fat cells as much as possible. And how do you do that? You guessed it: through cold! A cold shower, ice bath or lower heating ensure that your brown fat cells become active and you burn more excess fat.

    Heart Foundation writes that this brown fat is also good for your heart and circulation. For example, active brown fat lowers bad cholesterol and raises healthy cholesterol. This allows you to counteract arteriosclerosis, a cause of many cardiovascular diseases

    3. Cope better with stress

    According to coaches, taking an ice bath regularly also makes you more resistant to stress. This would be because adjusting your body to the cold has the effect of stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system. This is the part of your nervous system that influences the organs in such a way that the body can enter a state of recovery and rest.

    Besides being good for your physical health, taking an ice bath is also a gift for the mind. The moment your body hits the cold water, you can't think about anything else and you're completely in the now. A kind of meditation!

    All our Tankkd stock tanks are supplied with our label, which we are very proud of. but of course you can also remove it very easily without any damage to the tank.

    The Tankkd stock tanks are manufactured in the USA by Hastings, the pioneer of stock tanks! Thanks to their experience, De Naden  is completely watertight, without a thick layer of silicone on the outside/inside.

    -Made with G90 steel = galvanized steel that has undergone a chemical process against rusting.

    -20GA sidewalls and bottom = This figure has the thickness of the coating to match. This means that the black Tankkd Labels have slightly firmer side walls compared to the Green Tankkd Labels

    - The bottom is attached to the side walls with a 4-layer closing seam.

    -Each tank has a steel tube that goes completely around the tank for extra strength.

    - equipped with a screw cap to drain water

    * Small dents and scratches are unavoidable during transportation. However, this will not affect the quality and is part of the rustic and authentic appearance of these stock tanks. For technical reasons, the diameter of the delivered products may differ by approx. 10cm -15cm from the specified diameter.

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